The Story goes: Vew-Do was founded by a Vermont innovator and athlete in 1990 in Manchester, Vermont. Recognizing there was a need for more inner balance training with students serious about learning how to snowboard. At the time, the market for balance boards left much to be desired for someone looking for a board that could perform and imitate more precisely the movement and tricks common with modern day snowboarding­ and Vew-Do set out to change that.

The Bongo Board, which was invented by Stanley Washburn in 1952 as a Christmas present for his daughter, and became amazingly popular in the 1960's and 70's was used as a launch pad and inspiration for our first boards. Vew-Do started incorporating more training centered on the balance required to excel at board sports before putting students on a snowboard. So began the evolution of what you know as a Vew­-Do board today. In the fall of 1990, the prototype for the original Vew-Do balance board with a rail and roller was finalized and that following Christmas, the first production board was sold.

Shortly after, in 1992, Vew-Do founder Bru Moscarello patented the world’s first multi­directional balance board­ having added a taper to the roller that the board sat on. This taper and the boards iBeam are what set the Vew-Do Board apart for board sports. Balance training using Vew-Do boards started being implemented into programs for other professional sports including both the NFL and NHL. It is an incredibly versatile training tool. Your ankles and waist; brain and board will thank you!

Having all started in the basement of a restaurant, moving into an abandoned chicken coop, followed by a renovated barn in Manchester, Vermont, it was a big deal when in 1996, Vew-Do moved their production facility into a much larger location in Manchester, Vermont. There, the growing staff hand produced all Vew-Do performance boards, and in 1997, the company reached its 100th dealer.

The boards reached people internationally in countries such as Taiwan, Canada, Japan, Australia, and the UK, and the company continues to progress and develop the best in balance training for board sports, proudly made in the USA. We strive to source all of our components and production and manufacturing locally and within the United States, today we are proud to say that 93% of our materials and components are sourced locally. We are always on the lookout for new local suppliers to get us to that 100% goal.

Made by Snurfer in Michigan for all Board sports. What began over 30 years ago in Vermont with the desire to improve people’s abilities on snowboards has quickly evolved into excellent balance boards for all board sports, and the best and most incredible off-water training experience on a board. We are now part of Snurfer, LLC, and Vew-Do continues making and improving our boards as a family-owned and operated business in Western Michigan, the birthplace of the  the home of the Snurfer, the invention that began snowboarding. Come visit us and see!

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