Balance Boards For Kids

Balance is important to children's development. The ability to balance their movement becomes a critical life skill right from the time they lift their heads. And as the child grows, that ability becomes more important. However, the right training of balance has been a part of physical education that has been neglected for years. Luckily, the introduction of balance boards for kids is changing that. 

Balance boards are being used by parents, sports coaches, education teachers, and physiotherapists to help kids develop coordination, sequencing, and rhythm. At Vew-Do, we have a series of balance boards that are specially designed for kids. If you haven’t got your child into balance training, here are some of the reasons why this device is a smart choice for their development.

Cognitive Development

Research has shown that the use of a balance board can help kids learns more effectively. Balance board exercise can help increase your child's ability to maintain self-directed attention. Attention spans keep getting shorter due to the consequence of the technology-driven entertainment that most kid's are regularly bombarded with. And with that, several kids find it difficult to maintain their attention. With balance board training, your kids can stay focused in the moment for the whole session.

Emotional Benefits

For quite some time, child psychologists have been using balance board exercise as a means to help kids who are undergoing emotional challenges or suffered trauma. It has been shown that the balance board can help kids overcome the effects of emotional stress. In the course of a child's training, when kids achieve ability on the balance board, their self-esteem will improve, and their level of personal self-control as well.

Behavioral Development

Balance board training is a great way to improve kids’ behavior. Kids are usually drawn to a balance board because they look similar to a skateboard, which they generally deem to be a cool gadget. Children that used balance boards have proved to be more excited and faster at learning.

Better Posture and Motor Skills

These days, posture is becoming an increasing problem both in adults and children. Moreover, with the growing use of technology, we find the boards grounding. The use of a balance board is an effective way to develop their posture and motor skills. During balance board exercise, their shoulder pushes back, spine straightens out automatically, and their core stretches to balance their body.

Boost in Sports and Athletic Performance

One of the most important benefits of a balance board is its ability to improve agility. When kids use a balance board, their stability control, and coordination skills significantly improve. They are also better at creating more accurate movements and controlling muscles while conserving energy.

Choosing the Best Balance Board for your Child  

Vew-Do is a leading board sports company that offers balance board for kids that are remarkably fun to ride. We offer several types of balance boards for kids, some of which include Mini, Flow and Zippy Boards. Shop Entry Level Balance Boards for the best balance board that is suitable for your child.