Improve Your Surfing Skills With Better Balance Without The Ocean.

Designed with input from surfers for those flat days when the waves aren't breaking or for those trapped inland dreaming of dropping in at Teahupoo. Both surfers and standup paddlers will love the Surf33.

As surfers know, a key to staying perpendicular to the water is the ability to maintain your balance. Using a Vew-Do surf balance board develops balance and stabilizing strength that improves posture for better endurance during surfing movements.

While many surfers make it look easy, surfing requires incredible coordination. There are countless body balance dynamics at play from start to finish. Paddling out, lining up a wave, standing up, and riding all require core strength and proper weight distribution.

Surf Balance board training with a Vew-Do board stretches and strengthens the synergistic muscles required for maintaining balance on the surfboard while also preventing injuries. The Vew-Do Surf 33 balance board mimics the experience of surfing making it the best balance board for surfing.

When conditions do not allow surfers to be in the water, a Vew-Do Surf 33 balance board provides the opportunity to train in a controlled environment—indoor or outdoor. The portability of a Vew-Do balance board means you decide when and where to train so you are ready to conquer every wave.

Our Surf Balance Board is Great For


  • Riders Looking for a True Barefoot Surf Feeling
  • Aggressive & Extreme Athletes
  • Advanced Balance Board Riders
  • Kids to Adults (50lbs - 450lbs+)
  • Surf Practice On Land






Bought this item as a family Christmas present and it was a big hit for everyone. I have a family of surfers, skaters and snowboarders ranging from 11years to 49 years old. Well made and fun. The boys love practicing tricks on it. We had another one that was cheep and not so fun! Would definitely recommend this company. It always feels good to support a company that makes their products in the USA. Thanks!




I liked the flexibility the vewdo board has over competitors as it was very easy to get the surf to balance... the challenge comes in when you add the ability to turn and spin. If you have done some balance activities before, you may pick up on the surf quickly. I enjoy my surf, and my kids do too! Will be looking at other board for the kiddos so I don't have to share. Also, I had great customer service and the team was quick to respond to my multiple questions. Great brand and great product.




Great product Love the surf 33. Much more versatile than my indo board. I catch myself jumping on it every time I walk past it!