If you’re shopping for a balance board and suddenly realized there’s a lot more to choosing the right board than meets the eye, you’ll find Vew-Do the perfect place to begin your search. We have a wide variety of balance boards for every age, sport, and purpose. Whether you’re looking for a new way to stay fit or want to stay active during the off-season, our boards will give you a full-body workout, including core strengthening, balance training, coordination, and mental fitness. All of our Vew-Do balance boards feature our exclusive rail system that makes it easy to change rollers and difficulty.

Just Starting Out?

We have the ideal balance board for your needs at Vew-Do. The Zippy is uniquely designed with an outrigger-type training system that adds stability while beginners get the feel for using a balance board. You’ll find additional information on The Zippy when you click the ‘Balance Boards’ link and select ‘Entry-level Boards’ from the menu. You can also watch a short video to see The Zippy in action. For kids just getting started, our Mini board is a great way to get them started.

Intermediate Boards

Looking for something a bit more challenging? The Flow is an excellent choice for intermediate to advanced riders and can accommodate users from 50-450 lbs. Snowboarders, surfers, and board sport fans alike find The Flow can provide a fabulous workout, with special attention to heel and tow action. Options include our logo mat, foam teeter, mini roller, Zippy roller, and El Dorado roller. The Flow’s roller was specially designed for minimal board-to-ground contact, with an angled taper for improving maneuverability.

For Board Experts

We make a couple of balance boards at Vew-Do that are just for pros:

1. Vew-Do El Dorado Red Balance Board (available in blue, as well). This board is for aggressive and extreme athletes that want to get the most out of their time spent on the balance board. If you want to be pushed to the limits of your physical endurance with fast and responsive toe-to-heal rotational performance, look no further. Our most challenging trainer was inspired by snowboarding and skateboarding activities.

2. Vew-Do Surf Balance Board, for an authentic barefoot surf experience. The Surf 33 is for surf and standup paddleboard enthusiasts who want to get in some action when they can’t get away. The deck’s foam surface mimics barefoot riding while its unique channel and rail design ride on an oversized roller, so riders can experience a dryland training session anytime and anywhere.

View All Vew-Do Boards

Explore the website to see all boards and accessories, including form rollers and wobbles. Our quality is unmatched; your investment will ensure many years of enjoyment from one of our balance boards. Feel free to contact us with any questions- we’ll be happy to help.