"I wish I could more accurately tell everyone what I think of Vew-do balance boards with a video post! These boards are incredible in their design, artistic craftsmanship, and incredible user-friendliness. The company is kind and considerate, and even 1000 miles away Vew-do takes time to answer my questions and helps me choose the right product for me and my husband. We started out with the Love-your brain board to hep me recover from a Severe-TBI, and now we are using the NUB series boards and the longboard. I have to say surfing inside on a hot day when we are landlocked in the city is incredible. Thanks! I can't wait to visit the shop this summer and really watch these guys in action" - Carolina Lou

"One of the greatest purchases ever. My entire family has fun with it." - Ray Kovecses Sr.

"I have the pre-1980 board I got as a kid and still use it!" - Madelaine J Thompson-Judkins

"Got my flow in and love it!!" - Zach Spohnderosa

"Overall I am impressed with the Vew-Do Flow Balance Board. It is a simple design without any bells and whistles, but the most useful of devices often are. It is not only ideal as part of a pre-snowboarding trip exercise program, but can easily be used as part of a daily routine to work on those all important core muscles as well as improving on your centre of balance. The product itself is solid and beautifully designed and crafted." - Mark Barber, Snowboard Editor at Snow.Guide

"The Vew-Do is a bridge to a whole new realm of balance training.  Because of the vast trick capability, it is almost an entirely new sport.  Very fun to ride and great for developing strength/coordination while having fun. " - Surf Science

"Fun for the whole family while building core strength and keeping the body in shape for surfing, snowboarding and skating. My 3 your cant stop playing with it. I am completly amazed how much he has progressed on it in such a short time. Mom and dad love it too."- Marcus Rhoden

"A very amazing stability exercise device. When you first start, a 15 minute workout doing body weight squats on this feels as draining as doing a 45 minute heavy weight leg routine. For people new to it, start with it on carpet or a yoga mat and balance within hands reach of something you can grab a hold of it you're about to lose your balance. After you're comfortable, challenge yourself to not touch anything for stability. Finally after you've mastered that, move it to something without as much padding like the gym floor/concrete/etc and start over again until you've learned to properly balance. You can fall very easily when you start, don't push the issue." - Sean Ray

"I bought this as a gift for my 12 year old. Although she got the hang of it within a day, she still loves it and uses it almost daily. She's been working on learning harder moves etc. As an adult, I've found this much trickier than she has. It's fun but i have yet to master the not falling off after a few seconds. On the plus side, I can definitely feel it working my core. The board is really beautiful, sturdy, and I expect it will last for years." - JP

"Everything I expected and more! My kids (12 and 9) love this board. Great design and easy to learn." - Sharon Medeiros

"I have sciatica (lower back pain) - I got the board for combatting that. Within a month of riding on it 20+ minutes a day my back pain was gone. In the first session i noticed a huge reduction in back pain. I can't recommend the Vew-Do Flow enough. The kids love playing on it as well. It's great for developing their balance for board sports (which is another big reason i got it, though not the main one) my 2 year old and 6 year old have a blast on it." - T. Mikota

"We have two of these...one for me at the office and one for the kids at home....love them." - Timothy D.

'sturdy, great design and material. really fun to balance on. well worth the price!" - Chris Logan

'My 11 yr old loved this! Only one problem -- now my 8 & 5 yr olds want one too!'- Amazon mom

'I received my flow vew-do board and love it. I agonized over which version to go with and I believe I made the perfect choice. I wanted one that I could use as well as my 7 year old son. With this being the "intermediate" model I was worried it might be too hard for him. It is actually perfect for what I wanted. He is able to use it and it is also advanced enough for me to grow into with more advanced tricks.' - Ed

'This item is an awesome pickup for anyone who wants to work on their balance. It's made well, ships quickly and you won't be disappointed.' - Jumpslash

'I was able to get the hang of this board the first couple of tries but this is by no means a beginner board. Now I use it daily while watching tv. If you can get to the point where you can balance yourself on the board with your eyes glued to the TV, you're good to go. You do need to sand the roller down once in a while since it's made of wood.' - R. Lee

' Great fun and nice to be able to use it in different ways. The indo is higher and a bit harder to use their for a greater challenge, which is good in my book, but the ability to do 180s or 360s wins! Maybe different size rollers could be something. Good grip surface and comfortable. Great to ride with feet parallel like a long board instead of perpendicular.' - Colleen Price

' I'm a surfer that is deployed in the Navy, so I bought the Vew-Do, so I could develop a better sense of balance while not able to actually surf. I've had it a few months now and must say this thing is sturdy and has helped me to achieve a much better sense of balance. Can't wait to hit the beach now.' -D. Whitaker

' We bought this board for our 8 year old son with high energy and a great sense of balance. I was only gun shy on purchasing a Vew-Do because of price, but we knew the quality was solid. We had used a friend's about a year ago, and he'd had his for 20+ years. After doing my research and reading reviews, I knew that a Vew-Do would be an investment, and something the whole family could use. We are not disappointed at all. My favorite part is that while we currently have an "intermediate" rock with trainers, we can upgrade the rock later for a more difficult version. Something you absolutely cannot do for other less expensive boards.' - Bree

'This is a ton of fun, hard at first but I'm definitely getting better. I'm using it in the hopes of strengthening my core, I'm never going to get on a snowboard. But it's lots of fun to play with while watching tv and so far I haven't landed on my butt!' - DaxRunner

'wonderful product! it is definitely great way to work with dynamic balance. Round-ended roller allows for range of angle of attacks depending on how far you try to 'tilt' on the board. Great for quck turn practice. Quality of the work is very high. I have been using it daily for past 6 month and it is still in great condition. Nothing is getting loose or becoming worn down. Definitely getting my money's worth. '- AO

'Can be played indoors and keeps kids attention. The board is not left behind when in route. Great physical exercise and loved as much as electronics. Requires no upkeeps or additional cost. (unless get hurt playing which could happen with any toy)' - Sandra J. Kozain

'Very good quality , i skateboard and this is good for them rainy days , had a hard time deciding which one was right for me and glad i got this one not much bigger than my actual skateboard. Also like this because its not a standard back and fourth you can rotate . I have yet to get extensive with it but even being a skateboarder it does give a good workout the time i have spent on it . The thing is cool and almost anyone will have fun with it, if you need something like this .' - ccvgjklligfy

'I thought it would be easier to balance on this balance board, but it turns out its actually quite unstable. You really have to bring a lot of your own balance to it. Not relaxing, but very nice cadillac style logo.' - Mike K

'My husband is into surfing/skateboarding/snowboarding and needed something to practice his balance. He also just really enjoys playing on it while watching TV. He said this is the first snowboarding season he has used the Vew-Do board and he definitely noticed a difference in his balance and overall skill on the slopes. Very happy with this toy/trainer!' - Courtney Perry

' Perfect and beautiful board! Certainly no need to be a water surfer to use this great, super fast balance board (although that would be fun)-any one can benefit from its use for any sport training, or balance needs (it can get away quickly though). Especially great for agility and weight training. This board is high quality-and made in the USA! I purchased mine from the company, and now own three Vew-Do boards, this Surf 36, the Pickle NUB, and the Zone-ordered through Amazon, all offer different levels / options for training, are both fun and challenging to use. I found customer service to be excellent, they responded to my emails straight away, and were happy to provide all information requested. I plan to purchase additional Vew-Do products in the future. I Highly recommend Vew-Do products-I don't think one could find a better product. Young and older folks alike, can enjoy the benefits of these well made balance boards- just hold on to, or have something close- like a chair, until good balance is achieved.' - Classic country girl

' This thing is awesome! I think I'm going to have to order a second one because my husband and I keep fighting each other for it. It's the first thing to get us off the couch at home and we have fun learning to balance and practice up on skills for snowboarding. Would be great really for anyone into a sport that requires balance, but also just for anyone who wants an easy activity, but will still give you a slight workout. You won't even realize you're working out.' - navynurse

' I love it! Exactly what I expected; something to practice my balance, with less chance of hurting myself or damaging something else. No moving parts. I'm a beginner and the easiest way to start is on carpet, looking at a full length mirror (far enough away so you won't fall into it). It was difficult at first to simply stay on the board. Then I try to keep the board from touching the ground, then try to hold the board totally stationary, then close your eyes, then a few maneuvers. Later I can move up to more challenging equipment.' - Craig DeMartini

' Great product - I am a marathon runner 52 years old. Trying to rehab my left ankle and knee. This board is perfect for strengthening all muscle groups from the waist down. Highly recommend this for all athletes !!!' - RICHARD W RINCK