Standing Desk Balance Board

As you shop for the perfect standing desk balance board, consider Vew-Do for long-lasting quality and comfort. The Zone, by Vew-Do, is quite literally the only balance board you’ll ever have to purchase. Versatility is what makes The Zone so popular, with fitness levels that progress from basic to advanced. Foam top and foam teeter provide an exceptionally comfortable experience, whether at the desk or in the home gym.

What Makes The Zone Desk-Friendly?

When you’re not on The Zone getting the workout of your life, you can replace the wooden roller with the foam roller or use the wobble for engaging foot, ankle, and leg activity while working at your standing desk. Remove the wobble and roller and stand comfortably on the board’s rail system. Our standing desk balance board features the following:

  • Toe-to-heel action while standing
  • 26-inch hardwood laminated deck with EVA foam padded top for ultra comfort and traction
  • Carry handle for portability
  • Innovative rail system with tapered end stops that improve teetering without the use of a teeter

Why Use a Standing Board?

You may have found that a standing desk wasn’t everything you thought it would be. While standing relieves cramps and keeps you from having to sit for long periods of time, it can become boring after a while. The Zone standing desk board will give your legs, ankles, toes, and heels a unique workout without detracting from concentration while you work. Small movements can have a significant impact on your health and can significantly improve tone in calves and leg muscles. Find out how The Zone can improve your standup desk experience!

Is Using a Standing Desk Balance Board Dangerous?

Unless you’re an experienced board rider, you most likely won’t want to use a roller while standing at your desk (although you don’t have to eliminate the possibility for the future). Most customers who purchase The Zone use it at their desks without a roller. The Zone’s specially-designed rail system is sufficient in design to allow for simple movements that keep your muscles engaged, whether you’re sitting or standing. If you worry about losing muscle tone due to having a desk job, you’ll want to use The Zone on a daily basis.

Core Strength Training With The Zone

When work is over, you can take The Zone with you to the gym or experience an invigorating workout right in your own home by combining the board with the mini roller, 360-degree wobble, or foam roller. What makes The Zone so much fun to use is that you can customize your workout on any given day to fit your mood and your needs. The padded top makes using our most popular board a very comfortable experience you’ll look forward to day after day.

Ready to Get Fit?

It’s never been easier or more enjoyable to get into shape and stay in shape than by using The Zone standing desk balance board.